Previously published in PGS-CA Bulletin (Issue #67, October 2003)

Złotniki Translated from the Słownik Geograficzny (1880-1902)
by Helen Bienick

ZŁOTNIKI, known in German as "Gutfelde", was a village owned by nobility, in the county of Mogilno, in the district of Żnin. Its district offices and civil affairs station, were located in Rogowo, the post office was in Gąsawa, and the nearest railroad station was in Żnin, on the line which ran from Inowrocław to Rogóżno. The Catholic school was in Szelejewie, the Evangelical school was in Grochowiska Królewskie. The Catholic church was in Rogowo; the Evangelical parish was in Żnin; the court house was in Trzemeszno.

The land area covered 348 ha [1] , 5 houses, and 131 souls of whom 13 were Evangelicals. The income from the taxation netted 4,025 marks. Złotniki lies between Rogowo and Gąsawa. In 1523, Złotniki paid a tithe to Rogowo. In 1577, there were 6 fields, with 3 cottage farmers. In 1579, there were 8 fields, with 2 cottage farmers. The owner of Złotniki in 1793 was Ignacy Walski; in 1840 it was the property of Feliks Ziołecki, later the holding of the Germans. In later years it was purchased from the Germans by Mlicka from Osowiec, who later married into the Czarlinski family.

    Terms Requiring Further Explanation:
  • ↑ [1] ha is a hectare equivalent to 2.47 acres.