Previously published in PGS-CA Bulletin (January 2011)

Wiszniów Translated from the Słownik Geograficzny (1880-1902)
by Helen Bienick

Wiszniów/Vysniv, now in the Ukraine in the county of Rohatyn, is located 24 kilometers southwest of the town of Rohatyn and 20 kilometers west of Bursztyn, where the county court house was located. It lies 10 kilometers northwest of Bukaczowce, where the post office and railroad station are located. To the northeast lies the village of Hrehorów/Hryhoriv, on the east Czerniów/Cerniv, on the southeast Kozara/Kozari, on the southeast Żurawienko/Zurawne, on the west Nowoszyn and Zurów, and to the north lies Mołodyńcze/Molodynce, Czeremchów and Nowosielce. The latter three are situated in the county of Bobreck.

The local streams flow downward from the southeast and northwest and all enter the Dniestr River. To the north stood a large farmstead called “Wandolina” and to the south was a large forest. The elevation of the village on the south reached 337 meters above sea level. To the east stands a mountain called Mogiła (which means a grave or a mound) that rises to 335 meters in height. The lowest elevation in the area was 265 meters.

One large noble estate covered 435 morgen (mr.) of fertile farms, 126 mr. of meadows and gardens, 108 mr. of pastures and 2859 mr. of forests. A second estate covered 504 mr. of farms, 643 mr. of gardens and meadows, 166 mr. of pastures and 94 mr. of forests. In 1880 there were 108 houses with 741 inhabitants. The manor house numbered 64 inhabitants. There were 671 Greek Catholics and 48 Roman Catholics. The population numbered 86 Jews, 710 Russians, 31 Poles and 64 Germans. The Roman Catholic church and parish was located in Bukaczowce. The Greek Catholic church was in Wiszniów proper and belonged to the deanery in Zuravne. Wisniów also had a Russian Orthodox church, a one-classroom school and a lending bank with a capital of 133 złoty.