Previously published in PGS-CA Bulletin (Issue #75, July 2005)

Pawłów Translated from the Słownik Geograficzny (1880-1902)
by Helen C. Bienick

Pawłów, a village in the county of Dąbrowa Tarnowska, is situated on the Wisła River (Vistula), in a zone which was the locale of a customs house. It is 175 meters above sea level. The Roman Catholic Church and parish were in Bolesław, about 0.4 kilometers to the south. In the late 1800s, there were 53 houses with 262 inhabitants, of whom 133 were men and 129 were women. There were 254 Catholics and 8 Jews. The local estate and manor covered 93 morgen [1] of farmland, and 19 morgen of forests. The village measured 153 morgen of farms, 14 morgen of meadows, and 15 morgen of pastures. The southern section of Pawłów was known as Gącz. Pawłów borders Kanna on the west, Bolesław on the south, Tonia on the east, and Strojców and the Wisła River on the north.

    Terms Requiring Further Explanation:
  • ↑ [1] morgen - a land measure equivalent to ~ 2.1 acres