Village of Medrzechów, Tarnów, Poland.
Births, Marriages, and Deaths
1785 - 1901

This webpage data is from John Dudek’s book on the Village of Medrzechów, Tarnów, Poland. This data is extracted from FHL (Family History Library) film nos. 1895996 & 1895997. Data includes births, marriages and deaths for the village of Medrzechów, for the years 1785-1901.

The original extracted data in this book is in chronological order as it was recorded. Having the extracted data and the use of computers allows us to sort the data in an order that makes searching the data easier. One the page loads, you can use your browsers "Find" command to search the document. Some browsers appear to have a problem with text wrap in a table cell. If you are having this trouble with Internet Explorer, try Netscape or Safari (the Mac does not seem to have this problem).

In the following section, births have been sorted by date then surname then house number then date. BIRTHS

Marriages have been sorted by date then husband’s surname MARRIAGES.

Deaths have been sorted by date then surname, then house number DEATHS.

These are large page files 500K to 1.4MB. Be Patient!

Many thanks to John for all the effort he put in to make this data available to researchers.