History of Poland

History of Poland

1 Jul 2004Ancient History Preceding Poland (800 BCE — 200 BCE)Robert Sherins
2 Oct 2004Ancient History Preceding Poland (200 BCE — 900 CE)Robert Sherins
3 Jan 2005The Piast DynastyHelen Bienek
4 Apr 2005Jewish Settlement of PolandRobert Sherins
5 Jul 2005Destruction of Poland by the Mongol/Tatars and Emergence of the NationLes Amer
6 Jan 2006Growth of Polish Democracy from Kingdom to the RepublicGeorge Wilk
7 Apr 2006The Era of Expansion 14th — 16th CenturiesJennie Bonday
8 Jul 2006The Cossacks and the CommonwealthAnnette Gathright
9 Oct 2006The Beginning of the EndAnnette Gathright
10 Jan 2007The Partitions 1764-1795 [see correction in Apr 07]Paul Lipinski
11 Apr 2007The Partitions 1864-1918Paul Lipinski

Serfs of Poland and Russia

1 Jul 2005Early History of SerfdomRobert Sherins
2 Oct 2005Serfdom During the Tatar EraRobert Sherins
3 Jan 2006Serfdom During the Age of Russian Expansion and Absolute Rule in the 15th-17th CenturiesRobert Sherins
4 Jan 2008Serfs 16th and 17th CenturyRobert Sherins
31 May 2005Serfs VRobert Sherins


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Genealogy as Detective Work

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