The Polish Genealogical Society of California is a non-profit organization established on July 17, 1989 for the purpose of assisting interested researchers in their quest to discover and preserve the details of their family history. Minimum annual fees are requested for the sole purpose of covering basic costs of the society operation. There are no salaries for PGSCA officers or members.

Society Meetings:
General meetings are held at the Los Angeles Family History Center of the Church of Latter Day Saints in West Los Angeles and are scheduled generally on the 4th Saturday of every other month beginning in January of each year.

From time to time, usually quarterly the PGSCA publication, BULLETIN, is e-mailed to all members. The cost is absorbed by the dues paid by our membership.

Membership and Dues:
Solicitation of dues is requested by the 4th quarter of each year for each subsequent year covering January 1st to December 31st. This year, dues are $20 for single and family members.

PGSCA maintains a large library of reference books and materials for our researchers. The collection is on permanent loan at the West Los Angeles LDS Family History Center. Digital collections at the LDS FHC are provided through the use of readily available free computers. Personal laptops also may be used. Copies of documents can be e-mailed to home computers or captured on removable memory devices.

Archival Databases:
PGSCA maintains preserved data for Polish surnames, migrant obituaries, records and reprints from our BULLETIN publications.

Contact Us: President: Gregg Legutki
Vice-President Programs: Annette Gathright
Databases: Noella Benvenuti

PGSCA Meeting

Saturday, January 23, 2016
1:00 – 3:30 pm

Robert S. Sherins, MD
Past President

"I Am A Caucasian – Summary of Genomic and Anthropological Research for 7-Million Years."

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PGSCA Meeting

March 26, 2016

Gregg Legutki

"Recap of Roots Tech Conference and New Technologies."

PGSCA Meeting

May 28, 2016

Robert S. Sherins, MD,

"Genomic Workshop."

PGSCA Meeting

July 23, 2016

"Solutions to “Hitting the Brick Wall”"

PGSCA Meeting

September 24, 2016

Member Sharing - "Show and Tell."

PGSCA Meeting

November 19, 2016